Dino Gavina
The breaking and making of design history


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Dino Gavina began his professional journey in the 1950s with a furniture shop. In 1960, he established the furniture manufacturer Gavina, a company that later evolved into Simon. He collaborated with notable designers like Kazuhide Takahama, the Castiglioni brothers, Ignazio Gardella, Carlo Scarpa, and Marcel Breuer, becoming a charismatic figure in Italian modern design. His establishment of FLOS in 1962, in partnership with Cesare Cassina, marked a pivotal contribution to the global design scene.

Carlo Scarpa (left) and Dino Gavina (Right) — 1957

The exhibition showcases a selection of esteemed vintage furniture and lighting from both Gavina and Simon, complemented by contemporary creations from renowned brands like Cassina, FLOS, Knoll, NEMO, paradisoterrestre, and Santa&Cole. It highlights Dino Gavina’s artistic collaborations, including his work with Man Ray and Roberto Matta, blending the realms of art and design. Featured prominently are both two-dimensional and sculptural works by Lucio Fontana, a leading figure in ‘Spatialism’ and a major contributor to post-war modern art. Gavina, a close acquaintance of Fontana, first connected with him at the Milan Triennale in the 1950s, a meeting that significantly broadened his horizons in the design industry.

From left: Man Ray, Marcel Breuer, Dino Gavina — 1966, Paris

BUNDLE GALLERY, where this exhibition is held, was once a private home designed in 1974 by architect Ren Suzuki, who had previously worked in Le Corbusier’s studio in the 1950s. The building showcases an organic and modern charm, much like nature’s varied landscapes, achieved through its unique floor level differences, skylights, and diverse finishes.

The exhibition offers an immersive experience with thoughtfully arranged displays in several rooms including the entrance, dining room, living room, study, and bedroom. It also features a video interview with Gavina and a curated selection of books on architecture, art, and design related to Gavina, curated by Yusuke Nakajima from POST bookstore.

An exceptional aspect of this exhibition is the display set within a traditional Japanese house, originally constructed during the Edo period and later moved to its current location in the late Meiji period.

The high-quality living space showcases numerous products deeply connected to Dino Gavina, reflecting his contributions and his zeal for initiating groundbreaking changes and exploring new horizons, offering visitors unique insights and perspectives.

Dino Gavina Profile:
  • ・Born in 1922 in Bologna, Italy.
  • ・Started his career in stage sets in the 1940s.
  • ・Launched Dino Gavina for furniture sales in 1950.
  • ・Established Gavina SpA in 1960.
  • ・Met Marcel Breuer in New York in 1962 and acquired reproduction rights for his furniture designs.
  • ・Co-founded FLOS with Cesare Cassina.
  • ・Launched Simon International with Maria Simoncini in 1968.
  • ・Developed Ultrarazionale and Ultramobile collections, transcending rationalist principles with poetic and emotional aspects, making SIMON a leading design brand.
  • ・Passed away in 2007.

Exhibition Information:
  • December 22, 2023 (Fri) to December 28, 2023 (Thu)
  • January 5, 2024 (Fri) to January 21, 2024 (Sun)

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 18:00

By appointment Only.

  • ・To ensure a relaxed viewing experience, the exhibition operates strictly by appointment (up to 3 people per group).
  • ・Choose from time slots: 11:00 – 13:00 / 13:00 – 15:00 / 15:00 – 17:00.
  • ・Flexible entry within the selected time slot.
  • ・Consultations are welcome for the number of visitors.
  • ・The exhibition features rare vintage products and art pieces. There may be restrictions on entry for small children.
  • ・For inquiries and clarifications: info@bundlestudio.jp

For Visitors:
  • Handouts based on interviews with Dino Gavina’s daughter, Ilka Alessandra Gavina, and the CEO of Cassina, featuring discussions on Dino Gavina, correlations with artists, architects, and designers he was associated with.
  • Written by Kaoru Tashiro, edited by Yoshinao Yamada, published by BUNDLESTUDIO.

In Collaboration With:
  • ・Artek
  • ・Cassina ixc.
  • ・Fujitani Shouten
  • ・Gallery Cellar
  • ・Galerie Saint Guillaume
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